MRI Scan of your Application – Comprehensive, 24x7 visibility into transaction performance

Appmeter is a cloud based, always-on service which allows IT and Business leaders to take full control of the transaction Performance of their on-line applications. Comprehensive and Non-disruptive, Appmeter monitors and correlates, on a real time basis all critical events within the Transaction Load patterns of your application and equips you with information to react quickly to any application performance issues with your online business.

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  • Generate Audit report on Slow and Failed transactions

    Generate audit reports to analyze critical transactions which were slow or failed and complete the loop with the online buyers to minimize impact on your revenue.

  • Get At-a-glance view of Application Performance

    In a single view you see the worst performing transactions, actionable alerts, revenue impact of slow/failed transactions for the current and previous period.

  • Control and React quickly

    Control and react quickly with event-based alerting system that notifies you of significant changes in the performance of your critical business transactions as soon as they occur.
  • Deep Dive into critical transactions

    Analyze transaction load pattern and get detailed information on the response time and errors for each one of your important transactions

Watch this brief tour to learn how Appmeter can help you control and minimize the impact of poor application performance on your online business revenues. Sign-up for a Free 30-day trial. View our Frequently Asked Questions or contact customer support.
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